Design Process


Ideation happens through an integrated process of sketching and rapid prototyping.

The emphasis is on product storytelling. Ideation is as much about generating questions as it is about generating answers. The goal is first to clearly  identify and understand     the consumer need, then go about solving that need efficiently.

Prototype, test, Evaluate

All sketches and physical prototypes from ideation are tested and evaluated based on their mechanical and ergonomic performance, in addition to manufacturing and price point constraints.

revise and Repeat

Selected designs are revised and improved iteratively until the design has been tested and proven enough to be modeled in CAD software.

CAD designs are built to manufacturing specification using Rhino and Solidworks.

Featured Work

CHomp Cards



About Me

I am a product and graphic designer with two years of experience designing products professionally. I have a lot of experience designing toys and games, and also have experience with packaging and logo design.

I follow a clear and proven design process that allows me to create great products, packaging, and more!

When not creating new products,  I can often be found goofing around outside - I love camping, climbing, and hiking.

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